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Gem CU         Four sharp corners,  average to above average centering, superb paper quality, minor smears.


CHCU             (Choice Crisp Un-circulated) A Gem note with poor centering


CU                   (Crisp Un-circulated) Can have soft or bent corners, some light handling,

counting crease, ATM colored ink on edges and margin.


AU                   (Almost Uncirculated)  One light to moderate centerfold, heaving counting

crease, or handling.


XF                   (Extra Fine)  May have 2 or 3 quarter folds, and a horizontal fold. Still very

crisp with some circulation.


VF                   (Very Fine)  Retains some crispness, evenly circulated, fairly clean note.


F                     (Fine)  An average well circulated note with some rigidity. Can have writing,

small tears in the margins.


VG                  (Very Good)  Well circulated but whole, limp, soiled with some writing and tears.


G                    (Good)  Can have tears and pieces missing.


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